Centre for Agriculture and Bioeconomy

The QUT Centre for Centre for Agriculture and Bioeconomy (CAB) brings together a unique mix of international expertise in plant biotechnology, process engineering, industrial chemistry, and commercialisation within IFE to create a continuum of research and development from laboratory through to products.

The CAB has comprehensive expertise, with a product research and development pipeline from gene discovery and genetic manipulation, through to field demonstration and pilot-plant scale production specialising in tropical crops (including sugarcane, bananas, tobacco, papaya, tomato, taro, and sorghum). The emphasis is on:

  • The development of new crop cultivars through genetic modification for disease resistance, nutritional biofortification, and plant disease management;
  • The development of postharvest bioprocessing technologies, and treatment of crop biomass for producing new biomaterials including industrial and medical proteins, lignin products, and biofuels.