Trent Brooks-Richards

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    PhD Student


    Bachelors of Science (Hons I), majoring in biomedical science and neuroscience
    Biology, visual neurobiology/neuroscience, dissection, anatomy, and biomedical science

    Current Research:

    In the treatment of vascular disease, current metallic stents utilised in stent angioplasty can lead to restenosis, inflammation and latent thrombosis. Metallic stents also lack patient specificity and mechanical properties to accommodate tortuous anatomy. However, current resorbable stents are yet to meet the desired requirements, showing a clear need for further research into material composition and design. My PhD investigates the application of composite biomaterials, combined with advanced additive manufacturing techniques to develop patient-specific, bioresorbable stents which are more functional than what is currently available.


    Nature, outdoors, travel, SCUBA, food, art and music