Dr Sean Powell

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    Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Advance Queensland Fellow)


    Physics, Computing & Mathematics.

    Current Research:

    Sean’s current research is in developing advanced next-generation 3D printed tissue engineering scaffolds containing complex multi-zonal internal microarchitectures optimal for successful tissue growth. He is also investigating techniques for mapping clinical scan data about patient injury or defects into functional scaffolds having the required internal design and external shape. Much of his research projects involve the development of novel computer algorithms for designing the scaffolds, and developing and controlling our 3D biofabricators. He is also working on the application of MRI and mathematical techniques for the characterisation of tissue growth and microfluidic pathway evolution in tissue engineering scaffolds. When he is not researching, he is lecturing physics undergraduate units including Astrophysics and Thermodynamics.


    Running, swimming, general relativity.