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    PhD Student


    Physics, biofabrication, melt electrospinning, hydrogels, bioprinting, science communication, STEM education

    Current Research:

    My research project involves combining advanced biomaterials to 3D print scaffolds for bone regeneration. I am completing my PhD as part of QUT’s ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre in Additive Biomanufacturing. Through collaboration with medical device company, Anatomics, I use a range of biomaterials to fabricate patient-specific implants which regenerate bone tissue. Specifically, I focus on the use of melt electrospinning writing (MEW), an advanced additive manufacturing technique which allows the deposition of micron-scale fibres in ordered 3D constructs. These fibres mimic the natural extra cellular matrix within bone tissues and help facilitate cell attachment, growth and proliferation.

    Alongside my research, I am an enthusiastic science communicator and STEM ambassador with the STEM for Schools (QUT) and Wonder of Science (UQ) programs. As a workshop facilitator and invited speaker, I share my passion for physics, astrophysics and biofabrication, and enjoy speaking about the diverse possibilities and exciting pathways which can lead to fulfilling careers in STEM. I am also an active contributor to the Materials Today journal family community and write feature articles showcasing recently published papers.


    Swimming at the beach, volleyball, baking, yoga, ballet and travel