Icaro Ibanez-Arricivita

    PhD Student


    Icaro Ibanez-Arricivita is a fashion designer and academic with a strong background in womenswear, textiles and accessories design. His studies of fashion design and his work in the industry expand from Spain to Belgium, Argentina, Germany and France.

    His work has been showcased in industry publications such as British Vogue. In 2015 he relocated to work as a fashion design lecturer and researcher at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane.

    Despite being “design oriented” Icaro embraces practical and theory research as a way to enrich both his design and innovation methodologies.

    Current Research:

    In his current project The Aesthetics of Prosthetics, Icaro is developing a new framework around technological human augmentation, in a transdisciplinary collaboration between Health, Industrial and Fashion design. Drawing knowledge from Icaro’s expertise in the Fashion and Accessories’ design –  where beauty and aesthetics guide the use of shape, color and texture resulting in consumers having a strong emotional impact and attachment to the product – the essence of that relationship will be translated in the Medical Technology field.

    This research will collect data from prosthetic limb users in regards of the social and emotional impact that the aesthetics of medical technology has on them. The Aesthetic dimension of Medical Technology and its implications on the dignity of the end-users is a powerful tool that has the potential of healing users through beauty and design.  


    Design, Fashion, Sci-Fi, Pop-culture, Art, cross-cultural connections, languages, semiotics, Yoga, calisthenics, meditation, dark humour, Travel.

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