Cell Culturing

In vitro analysis of tissue engineering structures is a crucial step in understanding the biocompatibility of the scaffolds for successful implantation and tissue regeneration. Cells are seeded onto the melt electrospun scaffolds and cultured over a designated period of time. After seeding cells, cells attachment, cells proliferation and cells differentiation is observed using different assays, such as:

  • Live/Dead Assays are used to monitor the survival rate of cells within the scaffolds where live cells are stained green and the dead cells red.
  • DAPI/Phalloidin staining is used to observe cell attachment on the scaffolds. DAPI stains the cell nuclei (blue) and Phalliodin stains the cytoskeleton of the cells (red) which shows cell structural attachment.

Using advanced imaging techniques such as Confocal Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy, the cells can be imaged and cell attachment and proliferation can be both qualitatively and quantitatively analysed.

Image: Confocal image of DAPI/Phalloidin staining of cells grown for 28 days on a PCL/bioglass composite melt electro-written scaffold (credit: Madison Ainsworth, Biofab Masters Student)

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