Melt Electrowriting

Injury Scanning and Scaffold Design

Patient injury data is scanned using clinical CT, MRI, 3D laser scanning or 3D reconstruction from photographs. Our software uses this data to design the shape of the tissue construct to match the specific needs of the patient. The software also provides a very high degree of control over the fabrication process.


3D Biofabrication Using Melt Electrospinning Writing

Our proprietary biofabrication technology is designed to rapidly fabricate morphologically accurate tissue engineering scaffolds. Using very high electric fields, we construct complex shapes out of biocompatible polymer fibres that are much thinner than a human hair. The implanted scaffolds completely dissolve as the tissue grows through, leaving the patient’s own restored tissue.


Scaffold and Tissue Analysis Technology

We have developed advanced tissue analysis techniques such as magnetic resonance micro-imaging techniques to non-invasively investigate the evolution of the nutrient and oxygen pathways deep within the tissue laden scaffolds. This helps us develop predictive models to produce scaffolds with complex architectures and integrated micro-channels for successful cell growth.

Chief Investigators