Welcome Tessa van Daalen

Tessa van Daalen recently joined the team from the Netherlands and is part of the Biofabrication Masters program. She obtained a Bachelor degree in Biomedical Sciences in Amsterdam, with an interesting research internship in Barcelona where she focused on revealing pathways involved in cancer cachexia development. Taking a break from study Tessa worked for GO FAIR, which is not really a company but rather a group of dedicated people aiming to improve the standards on how scientific and medical data is handled in order to thrive research. After that year she started the Biofabrication program, which included a six month research internship, this time for the purpose of developing a microfluidic device for thrombosis research. After a well deserved layover of two months in Thailand she is grateful to be in Brisbane at QUT, where she will dedicate her time to study the effects of reduced strontium-substituted bioactive glass particle size loaded into bone scaffolds.

Welcome to the team and Australia Tessa!!