The BEST Australia Behaves Survey

What is the BEST Australia Behaves Survey (BABS)?

BABS is an online survey developed by the Program Leads and Deputy Leads from the BEST Centre. The survey is designed to uncover trends over time,  but also act as a barometer on current issues. Questions included demographics, psychographics, a measure of behavioural biases, and opinions on key issues like the environment, trust, and technology. Our researchers select topical issues to be examined in the survey each year.

This project was led by Dr Kate Letheren (BEST Deputy Co-Director), with Dr Ryan McAndrew as analysis lead.

2022 Topics

The topical issues for this year’s survey were:

  • Climate change
  • Trust
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • The responsibility of commercial vs government organisations
  • Data quality issues
  • Trust
  • Medical technology
  • Sexual behaviour

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