The ARC has announced BITA – The ARC Training Centre for Behavioural Insights for Technology Adoption

The ARC has announced BITA – The ARC Training Centre for Behavioural Insights for Technology Adoption

The BEST Centre has been awarded funding from the ARC for an ARC Training Centre for Behavioural Insights for Technology Adoption (BITA). BITA will be the first ARC Industry Transformation Training Centre led out of a Business discipline and equal first from humanities and social sciences (HASS) since the establishment of the program in 2013 and is only the fourth program of its kind led by QUT.

The bid was led by BEST Centre Co-Directors Uwe Dulleck (School of Economics and Finance), Rebekah Russell-Bennett (School Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations), and BEST Program Lead Benno Torgler (School Economics and Finance) from QUT; Jolanda Jetten from the University of Queensland; and Marit Kragt from the University of Western Australia. QUT’s team greatly benefited from active support of QUT CIs Byron Keating (QUT Business and Law), Louisa Coglan (QUT Business and Law) Dietmar Hutmacher (Engineering), Martin Obschonka (QUT Business and Law), Laura Bray (Faculty of Engineering), Brett Heyward (QUT Ex), Gavin Nicholson (QUT Business and Law), Geoff Walker (Engineering), Arthur ter Hofstede (Science), Sagadevan Mundree (Science) and Shams Yasmin (Health) representing the success of BEST’s vision and mission to collaborate across different disciplines and with strong and active engagement of research from across the university.

This was one of the major milestones for the BEST Centre – preparing the application over 18 months – navigating the particularly challenging environment caused by the pandemic. The total Centre value is $6.5m consisting of both substantial funding from the ARC, almost $2m of cash contributions and another $2.1m in-kind from 19 partner organisations. Our partners in include government and industry partners, with about 1/3 of the partners being start-ups. Three Australian universities (QUT, UQ and UWA) will form the consortium for this Centre.


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Proposal Summary: Australia needs accelerated adoption of innovation technologies to improve outcomes in health, agriculture and cybersecurity. Despite technically viable solutions, innovations fail to be adopted due to behavioural, economic and technological barriers. Behavioural approaches can promote significant gains by bridging the barriers to technology adoption. The Centre for Behavioural Insights for Technology Adoption will boost national productivity by identifying, designing and evaluating solutions that address these barriers. By uniting industry and government with world-leading interdisciplinary researchers, the Centre will build transformative capability in people, data and solutions and support Australian organisations to achieve higher returns on technology investment.

We would like to thank Sam Ong (BEST Centre), John Keaney (QBS Research Office), Brooke Lee (Office of Research), Kate Eltham (Industry Engagement) and Annita Nugent (former BEST Centre Manager) for their excellent support in bringing this application together.

The ARC have now released further details about the 2021 Industrial Transformation Research Program and you can learn more BITA and the other successful Training Centres and Research Hubs below:

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