Technology for Wellbeing

Technology is all around us, influencing how we live our lives and the decisions that we make. However, technologies can impact our lives in both positive and negative ways – for instance, artificial intelligence can be used to diagnose physical and mental illnesses with speed and accuracy… or could be used to perpetuate human biases in who gains access to education, support, and opportunities. It is up to us to guide how technologies like AI are used, and with new technologies emerging all the time, there is a strong opportunity to leverage technology for individual and societal wellbeing.

We are pleased to be a part of a global movement to use technologies for good, and here we present just some of our research and events in this space. You can read about how virtual reality and 3D printing technologies offer safer breast-reconstruction for women; how an interactive online portal connects mature women to resources they need to retain safe and secure housing; or how smart retail technologies are making consumers lives easier.

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