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Chief Investigator

Doctor of Applied Biological Sciences (Ghent University)

Dr Val Natanelov is the Queensland Innovation Manager with Fight Food Waste (FFW) CRC supporting projects with the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (QDAF). He is responsible for establishing significant and impactful new collaborative R&D projects within the FFW CRC by creating industry and university relationships across tropical/subtropical regions.

His education includes a Bachelor of Bioscience Engineering: Cell- and Gene Biotechnology, 2007 (Antwerp University, Belgium); a Master of Bioscience Engineering: Agricultural Economics and Management, 2009 (Ghent University, Belgium); and Doctor of Applied Biological Sciences, 2014 (Ghent University, Belgium) with a research focus on Commodity Futures Markets. Dr Natanelov is the author of multiple publications in international peer-reviewed journals and is an associate editor with the International Economics and Finance Journal. He is the Director of Nexible Solutions Pty Ltd, with over a decade of experience working on the nexus of the agri-food industry, technology and economics Val is a holistic design thinking expert with extensive experience in strategy and concept development. A natural innovator experienced in digital transformation, blockchain technologies, agile frameworks, lean principles and business innovation strategy in complex settings and contexts.

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