Steve Bickley

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PhD Student

BEng (Hon – 2A) majoring in Electrical Engineering; BBus (Distinction) majoring in Economics

Thesis topic

“On Modelling Complex Human Systems”

Thesis project

The application of hard scientific methods and rigor to answer long-standing questions in the social sciences has blurred the boundaries between micro-, macro- and meso-foundations of socio-economic behaviours and human decision-making. Complexity science is an ever more common avenue of exploration in the natural sciences and its insights and methodologies are increasingly being applied to problems in the social sciences such as economics, ecology, and sociology. Many human systems exhibit complexity and intricate interdependencies. Further, complexity theory can help to explain complex phenomena often unaccounted for in mainstream theories and help to identify the mechanisms through which these phenomena eventuate. For example, stock market crashes, bank runs, large-scale industrial safety incidents, radical shifts in public opinion and media hysteria events. Moving away from the niceties and constraints of equilibrium economics, this project aims to contribute knowledge in the fundamental understanding required for the effective modelling and simulation of complex human economic, financial, social, industrial, and societal systems.

BEST Conference 2021 Presentation | “Turbulence in the financial markets: Responding to COVID-19 pandemic policies”

BEST Conference 2022 Presentation | “The (In)Equalities of Human Mobility for Work and Play”

Supervisor details

Professor Benno Torgler – Principal Supervisor – School of Economics & Finance – QUT Business

Dr Stephen Whyte – Associate Supervisor – School of Economics & Finance – QUT Business

Dr Ho Fai (Ben) Chan – Associate Supervisor – School of Economics & Finance – QUT Business