Dr Son Tran

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Son Tran is a Research Fellow on the Digital CBD Project at the Blockchain Innovation Hub at RMIT. He is working on the design of computational constructs for testing theories and constructing effective policy decisions concerned with the digital economy.

Son is passionate about exploring interdisciplinary approaches to understand, measure and design complex distributed systems that exhibit emergent behaviours. This interest has led him to work on ideas in different fields such as economics, finance, artificial intelligence, biological computation, logistics and distributed ledger technologies. Through this journey, he has developed a set of skillset to tackle hard real-world and conceptual problems.

Son holds a PhD using category theory and machine learning to combine diverse approaches to modelling credit risk into a coherent framework. In late 2022, he will publish a monograph entitled: “Computational Entanglement and the Emergence of Intelligence”. Before joining RMIT, Son was involved in an ARC project at QUT to build the first biological computer of its kind in the world to solve NP-hard problems.