Nikita Ferguson

BEST Student

Currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) & Bachelor of Business (Economics)

Nikita is a QUT research student with experience in conducting interdisciplinary research – combining her knowledge and insights from behavioural science (psychology) and economics. Upon completing her Bachelors degrees this semester, Nikita has chosen to undertake an MPhil in Economics, with the proposed research topic being “Compliance Cooperation and Social Norms”. This project aims to investigate the topic using examples such as COVID-19, conclave and contemporary voting.

Nikita has worked as an RA in varying research areas, across a range of project types and wishes to pursue future research in behavioural economics. Despite not yet beginning her MPhil, Nikita has already had a working paper published in CREMA alongside BEST program leads Ho Fai Chan and Benno Torgler, which used insights from COIVD-19 to investigate the ability of science to perform under pressure (read here).