Natasha Doherty

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BEST Fellow

B Econ; M HEcon

Natasha is a Managing Director at Accenture in Economics focusing on Health and Social Services. She has approx. 20 years experience in program and policy evaluation including health, and community services industry. Natasha works with government and non-profit clients to inform evidenced based practices and policy to enhance quality of life for Australians.​

Natasha has worked on a variety of evaluations at a national state and local level, with particular focus in the areas of acute health services, primary health, mental health, innovation and redesign programs, and funding model assessments. Undertaking a variety of evaluations including applying development and participatory approaches. ​

Natasha has worked in the design of innovative outcomes based funding models including payment by outcomes and impact investing, and was the led author of the Practical Guide to Understanding Social Costs published by Impact Investing Australia.​

Her specialties and capabilities include cost benefit / cost effectiveness analysis, workforce issues, health and social policy research, health evaluations and dynamic modelling. Her interests and passions lay in using evidence based research to inform future policy direction.​