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PhD Student

BBus (Honours) majoring in Marketing. Currently completing PhD at QUT

“Deepfakes: Conceptualisation and exploring interactions between behavioural biases and customer value for marketing”

Thesis project

Recent advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning have given rise to the deepfake, a method of creating highly realistic yet inauthentic digital audio, images, and videos. For marketers, deepfakes present new opportunities for customer value creation, but deepfakes also provide the means for malicious actors to artificially generate media for the purposes of intentional brand sabotage and disinformation. My proposed research is comprised of three papers. The first paper is conceptual in nature, introducing deepfakes into the marketing discipline and providing formal conceptualisation and theorisation of the highly emergent phenomenon utilising a systematic literature review. The second paper utilises an online survey to understand how individuals are persuaded by deepfake messages and investigates the role of behavioural biases within evaluations of deepfake video. In addition, this study explores whether such deepfake content can co-create and co-destroy customer value. Lastly, the third paper adopts an experimental approach to investigate whether relationships exist between behavioural biases and customer value derived from deepfake videos and evaluates the effect of disclosure.

BEST Conference 2021 Presentation | “Deepfakes: a state of play and interactions with behavioural biases and value”

Increasing energy engagement through gamification | Research Visualisation

BEST Conference 2022 Presentation | “Redefining and exploring deepfakes, their value outcomes, and psychological mechanisms through a multidisciplinary systematic literature review”

Supervisor details

Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett – Principal Supervisor – AMPR – QUT Business School

Professor Jan Kietzmann – Associate (External) Supervisor – Gustavson School of Business

Dr Kate Letheren – Associate Supervisor – Economics and Finance – QUT Business School

Dr Rory Mulcahy – Associate (External) Supervisor – USC Business School

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