Dr Lisa Schuster

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Doctor of Philosophy (Queensland University of Technology)

Dr Lisa Schuster is a Senior Lecturer at the QUT Business School. She has a track record of conducting collaborative research with measurable deliverables with partners across industry sectors, including health, emergency response, education, energy and financial services. Dr Schuster has published this work in highly respected peer-reviewed journals, including Journal of Service Research, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business Research and Journal of Services Marketing. Her current research focuses on advancing understanding of stakeholder behaviour in domains with high social or environmental impact. She has expertise in quantitative methods and analysis, specialising in survey research and structural equation modelling, as well as qualitative methods, such as netnography and natural language processing.

Dr Lisa Schuster is a transformative service and social marketing researcher, who focuses primarily on the impact of technology and service on individuals’ and societal wellbeing. Her PhD examined consumer responses to mHealth apps for mental health. More recent relevant funded projected she has worked on include:

  • 2019: Energy use, ageing, and health and well-being among older Australians. Funded by Energy Consumers Australia.
  • 2017: Evaluation of Flood Preparedness Messaging. Funded by NSW SES.
  • 2014: Evaluation of the ‘Game On: Know Alcohol’ Program. Funded by Queensland Catholic Education Commission, Social Marketing @ Griffith and the Australian Research Council.
  • 2014: Evaluation of the ‘Walk to School 2013’ Campaign. Funded by VicHealth.