Joachim Maartens

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PhD Student

Master of Engineering (MEng), Currently completing PhD at QUT

Thesis project

Jo Maartens is investigating a new sector in the Healthcare industry that is innovating for immunotherapy which is the treatment of disease by activating or suppressing the immune system. This sector resides within the ambit of regenerative medicine comprising of gene, cell and tissue-based therapies. The burgeoning landscape of immunotherapy startups has prompted a few questions related to their success such as whether being affiliated to a prestigious academic institution and having research published in top tier journals impacts the amount of funding received by the startup, and ultimately a key determinant of success. The study also seeks to shed light on the issue of publication bias and whether this impacts the quality of research being funded for commercialisation. With supervisors from the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (D/Prof Dietmar W. Hutmacher) and QUT School of Economics and Finance (Prof Uwe Dulleck and Dr Ho Fai), the interdisciplinary approach inherent to BEST offers the ideal springboard to inform and provide insights into seemingly intractable challenges.

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BEST Conference 2021 Presentation | “Publication bias and start up success”

Supervisor details

Distinguished Professor Dietmar W. Hutmacher – Principal Supervisor – IHBI – QUT Faculty of Health

Professor Uwe Dulleck – Associate Supervisor – School of Economics & Finance – QUT Business School

Dr Ho Fai Chan – Associate Supervisor – School of Economics & Finance – QUT Business School