Jessica Castles

PhD Student

BBus (Honours) majoring in Marketing. Currently completing PhD at QUT

Thesis topic

“The customer experience of innovation in cosmetic breast augmentation: a practitioner and patient perspective”

Thesis project

The 3D printing of breast scaffolds is a new innovation in breast augmentation that poses many prospective benefits, yet this new technology faces the enduring challenge of resistance to innovation. The proposed study will consider the imagined customer experience of 3D breast scaffolding for both practitioners and patients, and how this differs from the imagined customer experience of traditional breast implants. The aim of the research is to understand the customer experience of innovation for cosmetic breast surgery using the specific context of 3D-printed breast scaffolds.

BEST Conference 2022 Presentation | “Marketing communications and consumer-decision making in innovation: a cosmetic biomedical perspective”

Supervisor details

Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett – Principal Supervisor – AMPR – QUT Business School

Dr Laura Bray – Associate Supervisor – IHBI – QUT Faculty of Health

Projects (Chief investigator)