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PhD (Economics) – University of Newcastle; Masters (Economics) – University of the Philippines Diliman; Bachelors (Economics) – University of Philippines Los Baños

Jefferson Arapoc is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of the Philippines Los Baños and a Casual Academic at the University of Newcastle and UNCIE Kaplan Inc. Assist. Prof. Arapoc is also the Co-founder and Managing Editor of Usapang Econ. Jefferson specialises in Behavioural Economics and Environmental Economics and has worked on a range of projects with the BEST Centre, primarily surrounding COVID-19.

Field of Expertise

  • Behavioral Economics
  • Game Theory

Research Interests

  • Pro-social behavior
  • Cheating and corruption
  • Nudge theory
  • Experimental design


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  • Alcaide M.R. and J.A., Arapoc (2015) “Decoy Effect and Student Preference with regard to USB Flash Drives” Journal of
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