Imke Lammers

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PhD Student

Master of Politics, Economics & Philosophy (MSc); Bachelor of Economics and Law (BSc). Currently completing PhD at QUT.

Thesis topic

“Debt, Risk and Forgiveness: A behavioural economic perspective on personal insolvency law”

Thesis project

Personal insolvency is a widespread mechanism to provide debt relief to overburdened individuals. Despite its prevalence, decision-making in personal insolvency is not well understood. This thesis employs innovative behavioural approaches to explore:

  1. concepts and methods best suited to empirically examine personal insolvency decisions;
  2. the way in which individuals choose between available personal insolvency options;
  3. the effects of public attitudes towards these options, and;
  4. the role of personal insolvency’s public records in incentivising desirable behaviours.

In doing so, this thesis contributes novel methodological approaches and addresses key public policy issues in the regulation of personal insolvency law.

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BEST Conference 2022 Presentation | “What can behavioural economics tell us about decision-making in financial distress?”

BEST Conference 2021 Presentation | “A behavioural economics perspective on personal insolvency: public records and entrepreneurship”

Supervisor details

Professor Uwe Dulleck – Principal Supervisor – E&F – QUT Business School

Nicola Howell – Associate Supervisor – Law – QUT Law School

Adjunct Prof Rosalind Mason – External Supervisor – Law – QUT Law School