Helen Bocking

PhD Student

BBus (Honours) majoring in Marketing. Currently completing PhD at QUT

Thesis topic

“Digital tools for social support and engagement in a social behaviour context”

Thesis project

Increasingly social marketing practitioners are looking for ways to engage consumers in a chosen behaviour, often incorporating technology in order to reach a wider range of people and keep people engaged. But how do consumers engage with these digital tools? And how are digital tools perceived to offer social support elements which will support the desired behaviour? The aim of this research is to explore consumer insights to better understand how consumers use digital tools in social behaviour context, making a contribution to social marketing theory that will inform practitioners when planning effective and impactful digital tool driven campaigns.

BEST Conference 2021 Presentation | “Emotional, cognitive and behavioural engagement using digital health tools”

Supervisor details

Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett – Principal Supervisor – AMPR – QUT Business School

Dr Kate Letheren – Associate Supervisor – AMPR – QUT Business School

Projects (Chief investigator)