Glenn Crompton

PhD Student

Currently completing PhD at QUT

Thesis topic

“Facilities planning optimisation in an aged care environment to maximise energy cost savings by taking advantage of emerging opportunities presented by changes to network and tariffs”

Thesis project

Population demographics and increased life expectancy forecast an increased demand in aged care services. This will lead to increased energy demand from this sector. Understanding who uses energy, why they use it and when will be key to develop appropriate interventions. These will aim to reduce energy cost meaning more funds can be directed to core business of care service provision.

This project has seen over 100 electrical sub-metering points installed across two field sites. Temperature and humidity measurements were also recorded at key site locations.

By assigning specific attributes for indicating load types and user groups, data analysis will reveal relative contribution of both end uses and user groups to overall energy consumption and peak demand events. Results can be used to inform effective planning for investment in future energy management projects.

Supervisor details

Associate Professor Geoff Walker – Principal Supervisor – School of Electrical Engineering & Robotics – Science and Engineering Faculty

Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett – Associate Supervisor – AMPR – QUT Business