Alexandra Zimbatu

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PhD Student, MPhil Graduate

BBus (Marketing) with Distinction, Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

About Alexandra

Alexandra has worked as a research assistant across a range of projects within the Behavioural Change and Social Marketing stream, applying human-centred design principles to unpack complex problems such as trust in the Energy Sector (read here) and preventing homelessness amongst mature aged women (see the Women’s Butterfly Project here).

Thesis topic

“Designing for self-discovery: Towards a framework for transformative experiences in higher education”

Thesis project

Despite the university experience being idealised as a period of intense transformation, liberation and discovery of self, dissatisfaction and disengagement continue to permeate the discourse surrounding higher education in Australia. A reconceptualisation of the university system is on the cards, moving from a largely transactional interaction dominated by cognitive and pragmatic components into a holistic, transformative and reinventive experience. This project seeks to co-design the university of the future, taking an Open Innovation approach to construct opportunities and environments conducive to personal and epistemic transformations. This research falls under the field of Transformative Service Research, investigating issues concerning societal wellbeing and broader welfare.

BEST Conference 2022 Presentation | “Designing for self-discovery: Towards a framework for the design of transformative experiences and reinventive rituals in higher education”

Supervisor details

Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett – Principal Supervisor – AMPR – QUT Business School

Professor Larry Neale – Associate Supervisor – QUT Faculty of Business and Law

Projects (Chief investigator)