The Tobacco Endgame

Building upon the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control 2003, this project seeks to evaluate public policy measures designed to achieve a tobacco endgame. This study builds upon the past experience of Australia developing and defending the pioneering public health measure of plain packaging of tobacco products. This research focuses upon policies and strategies to achieve a smokefree Australia (with a particular focus on Queensland). It also considers comparative developments – such as the tobacco endgame plans of leading countries, such as New Zealand, Finland, Bhutan, and South Africa. It also explores how to develop, implement, and evaluate tobacco endgame strategies at an international level.

Why is this important?

The global tobacco epidemic causes millions of preventable deaths every year. Smoking also has significant negative impacts upon society. The tobacco industry is also responsible for environmental pollution on land and in water. The global tobacco epidemic hinders the achievement of the sustainable development goals.

What did we do?

This research draws upon a combination public health law, intellectual property, trade and investment law, human rights and sustainable development, behavioural economics, and social marketing.

Submission on the Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Amendment Bill 2023 (QLD)

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