Supply-Side Innovation in Disability Employment Services

Project dates: 2022 - Ongoing

This project focuses on the development of supply-side capabilities to support the provision of more innovative employment services for people with disability.

Why is this important?

There is considerable disruption predicted for disability sector in the coming years, and more research is needed to establish a stronger evidence base for what works and what doesn’t.

What will we do?

A key feature of the project will be the development of an innovation platform that will facilitate: (i) better collaboration among the key actors within the employment service ecosystem; (ii) better identification of the resources and infrastructure needed to support innovation; (iii) renovation of the policies, processes and systems that inhibit innovation; in order to support (iv) ideation of new business models that will lead to improved service delivery outcomes. A key element of this new platform will be enhanced intelligence and analytics to guide better evidence-based decision-making. This has been desperately needed for many years, and the insights that this platform will contribute to a more coordinated response to the persistent challenge of assisting persons with a disability to more fully participate in the Australian labour market.

Funding / Grants

  • ARC Industry Transformation Training Centre (IC210100008) (2021 - 2026)

Chief Investigators


Other Team Members

  • Assoc. Prof Amanda Beatson (QUT)
  • Dr Iain Waller (QUT)
  • Dr Rory Mulcahy (Uni Sunshine Coast)
  • Dr Aimee Riedel (Uni Sunshine Coast)
  • Dr Rubayyat Hashmi (QUT)
  • Dr Syed Afroz Keramat (UQ)


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