Examining Multi-Level Alignment in Employment Services

Project dates: 2014 - 2022

This research seeks to understand how improved alignment impacts the use of IT systems deployed in support of government services. The IT alignment literature is dominated by a focus on strategy formulation within relatively simple organisation forms. In contrast, little is known about how alignment is enacted to improve the assimilation of federated IT systems. 

Why is this important?

Improved Information Technology (IT) alignment is essential for the delivery of government services within a complex public-private, inter-organisational environment. This project will investigate the extent to which well-aligned IT support systems contribute positively to the efficient and effective delivery of contracted employment services.

What did we do?

In this project we: (1) developed a novel multi-level alignment model that links external alignment (strategic positioning) and internal alignment (operational capability); (2) operationalised this model within a complex public-private, inter-organisational service environment; and (3) tested the impact of improved IT alignment on business process outcomes for employment services.

Funding / Grants

  • ARC LInkage Grant (LP130100066)

Chief Investigators


Other Team Members

  • Prof Carla Wilkin, Monash University
  • Prof John Campbell, ANU
  • Dr Nicky Antonius (Department of Employment and Workplace Relations)
  • Sally Sinclair (National Employment Service Association)
  • Paul Musso (National Disability Services)
  • Rick Kane (Disability Employment Australia)
  • Debra Cerasa (Jobs Australia)


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