Biomedical Innovation and Behavioural Change

Program Lead: Distinguished Professor Dietmar Hutmacher   |   Deputy Program Lead: Dr Laura Bray

This program will focus on establishing the impact of existing and new biomedical technologies on the forms, content and functions of current and emerging technologies across the categories of health and medical practise. The program will employ both quantitative descriptive mapping of human behaviour, and behavioural experimental investigation to provide researchers and clinicians with the information and understanding necessary to design targeted behavioural interventions for the introduction of innovative biomedical technologies currently being conceived, designed and produced by the IHBI team.

The approaches employed in this program will:

  1. Explore the surgical community, health professionals, and patients to identify behaviours and barriers to information transfers.
  2. Identify opportunities and approaches to implement new biomedical technologies
  3. Utilise this scientific behavioural evidence to design behavioural interventions (trials & experiments) that result in more efficient, knowledge-based healthcare provision behaviours.

Have a look at this recent TEDx Talk from program leader Distinguished Professor Dietmar Hutmacher