Programs & Projects

Any solution to the big problems that human-kind face requires scientific and technological solutions as well as knowledge about how and whether people will actually embrace that change. The Centre for Behavioural Economics, Society and Technology (BEST) is a national and international leader in applied behavioural insights and behavioural economics research. The centre relies on QUT’s expertise in Behavioural Insights as applied in Economics and Marketing, leveraging and amplifying QUT’s expertise in Health, Science, Technology and the Creative Industries.

The centre aims to further develop an interdisciplinary research program and impact agenda that contributes to the frontiers of knowledge in the respective areas while improving the health, wealth and happiness of Australians and society globally. It develops and trials applications of behavioural economic solutions in areas ranging from education to medical sciences. Its research agenda addresses the diverse and complex issues facing contemporary society and aims to attract significant external engagement, disciplinary and student interest – domestically and internationally.

The six research programs reflect five different discipline approaches to behavioural research that transforms society and the economy; behavioural economics, social marketing, biomedical innovation, behavioural data governance, and Decision Making and Behaviour in Agriculture. These programs reflect researchers from three faculties; Business, Health and Creative Industries.