Nudgeathon 2023

Nudgeathon 2023
26-28th Sept 2023 at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.

Nudgeathon is a behavioural change competition, in which teams develop solutions to real-life social issues.

Each year, we invite teams of undergrad and postgrad students, government gurus, and private sector pros from across Australia and New Zealand to join us for an electrifying two-and-a-half-day Nudgeathon!

Teams of 4 will dive into a problem brief and use behavioural science principles and present their brilliant solutions to a panel of expert judges from academia, government, and industry.  On the third day, we’ll announce the winners of the competition and this proposal will be presented to government with the aim of making it a reality either at the Commonwealth or State level. We are excited to announce that this year’s topic sponsor is the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment, and Water (DCCEEW). 

If you’re interested in being a future topic sponsor for the Nudgeathon 2023 event, please contact Dr Stephen Whyte (



We would like to sincerely thank all who competed in this year’s Nudgeathon, as well as all who helped organize and facilitate the event. The full list of teams who competed can be found below, along with their presentation recording and 2-page submission file:

  1. Accenture (Rebecca McKeague, Miriam Issac, Joshua Sinn, Joshua Levy)
  2. University of Queensland  (Siddesh Karekal, Harry Williams, Tianjian Huang, Carter Hoffman)
  3. University College London (Lok Yin Choi, Asher Loke, Quynh Anh, Meichen He)
  4. UNudgeSW (Henrik Osterberg, Cicy Zhou, Shameen Gaffoor)
  5. QUT BESTies (Holly Hudson, Phoebe Willmore, Sarah Christensen, Bianca Harris)
  6. Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet Team 1 (Timothy FongSophie Holder, Gina Hebblewhite, Georgia Moffitt)
  7. University of Canberra (Syeda Farizma Shawkat, Rahul Basu, Mitchell Warke-Edwards)
  8. UNSW (Beth Do, Yulan Zheng, Harry Magdas, Bradley Lucas)
  9. QUT College of Excellence (Elise Beane, Joanna Kay, Annabelle Nott, Jemma Wagner)
  10. University of Technology Sydney (Andrea Dale, Di Tang, Kelly Gao, Jacqueline Burkitt)
  11. Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet Team 2 (Victoria Aston, Tania  Zeissig, Peta Mossman, Yolanda Logue)
  12. Australian National University (Ian Ip, Vera Verbina, Moe Kido)
  13. CARRS-Q (Jack Firth, Heshani Rupasinghe, Ashkan Yousefi  Zadeh, Praveen Samaratunga)
  14. 180 Degrees Consulting (Mary So, Zara Gillan, Shanice Timotius, Si Si Gao)
  15. BEST Centre (Rachel Hall, Sean O’Brien, Ambrose Bub)
  16. University of Sydney (Keiran MacGibbon, Edward Wang, Arquette Milin- Byrne, Olivia Ru)
  17. University of Pennsylvania (Ravenn Triplett, Anna Lamb, Nathan Susser)


2023 Problem Brief
2023 Program

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Nudgeathon is a behavioural change competition, in which teams develop solutions to real-life social issues. Find out more here.

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