BEST Videos

HWQLD Mobility Data Project Research Showcase: The (In)equalities of Human Mobility Data for Work and Play

Prof. Uwe Dulleck (Co-Director, BEST Centre QUT)

BEST Seminar: The Power of Bad

Prof. Roy F. Baumeister (University of Queensland & Florida State University)

Opportunities in the practice of economics and applying behavioural insights

Natasha Doherty (Accenture)

Wellbeing cost-benefit analysis as a new tool for government

Prof. Paul Frijters (LSE – Social Policy/MBSC Saudi Arabia)

How to do a literature review using mindmaps

Prof. Rebekah Russell-Bennett

Theory at a Glance: The Behavioural Forms Exchange Matrix

Prof. Jeff French and Prof. Uwe Dulleck

Walking the talk of interdisciplinary research

D/Prof. Dietmar W. Hutmacher | TEDxQUT

Blockchain Research: Behavioural Economics, Impact on Business, & Atomic Crosschain Transactions

Prof. Uwe Dulleck, Dr. Rui Torres de Oliveira and Dr. Peter Robinson

How to Design Personas

Prof. Rebekah Russell-Bennett