Publications (2016-2019)

2016 – 2019 BEST Publications (Reverse Chronological Order)

  • Flew, Terry (2019) Trust in the Digital Economy: Towards A Framework for Comparative Analysis ICA (International Communication Association) New Media International Conference, pp.1-1. []
  • Flew, Terry, Fisher, Caroline, Park, Sora, Lee, Jee Young, Fuller, Glen, Sang, Yoonmo (2019) Commentary: Rebuilding trust in the news Digital News Report: Australia 2019, pp.92-92. []
  • Cheng, Vanessa, Davenport, Tracey, Johnson, DanielVella, Kellie, Mitchell, Joanne, Hickie, Ian (2018) An app that incorporates gamification, mini-games, and social connection to improve men’s mental health and well-being (MindMax): Participatory design process JMIR Mental Health, 5 (4), pp.Article number: e11068 1-16. []
  • Flew, Terry (2018) Technology and Trust: The Challenge of Regulating Digital Platforms Korean Association for Broadcasting and Telecommunication Studies (KABS) International Conference, pp.1-1. []
  • Ong, David, Chan, BenTorgler, Benno, Yang, Yu (Alan) (2018) Collaboration incentives: Endogenous selection into single and coauthorships by surname initial in economics and management Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 147, pp.41-57. []
  • Mitchell, Joanne, Vella, KellieJohnson, DanielPeever, Nicole, Cheng, Vanessa, Davenport, Tracey, Burns, Jane, Hickie, Ian, Kyle, Anne, Hedley, Brent, et al. (2017) MindMax: Using videogames and sport to engage young men and improve wellbeing Proceedings of the 2nd Symposium Computing and Mental Health, 2017, pp.1-5. []
  • Vella, KellieJohnson, DanielPeever, Nicole, Cheng, Vanessa, Davenport, Tracey, Mitchell, Jo, Orji, R, Vella, K, nacke, L, van Dooren, et al. (2017) Motivating engagement with a wellbeing app using video games and gamification Proceedings of the Positive Gaming: Workshop on Gamification and Games for Wellbeing 2017 [CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Volume 2055], pp.1-6. []
  • Foth, Marcus, Soro, A, Vyas, D, Waycott, J, Ploderer, B, Morrison, A, Brereton, M (2017) The promise of blockchain technology for interaction design Proceedings of the 29th Australian Computer-Human Interaction Conference (OzCHI 2017), pp.513-517. []