Sexes, Sexualities and Genders

Sexual economics theory is an idea about how men and women think, feel, respond, and behave in a sexual context, and that sexual access can be thought of as a commodity and free market, just as any other economic commodity (Baumeister and Vohs, 2004; Baumeister et al. 2017, Whyte, 2019). Diversity in sexes, sexualities and genders, and how this frames decision-making, is a major focus of the research conducted at the BEST Centre. In particular, BEST have focused much of our research on understanding the decision-making process employed by humans when we choose a partner or mate, and how diversity in sexes, sexualities and genders frames an individual’s interactions with society and our economy. The research conducted by BEST in this space aims to guide the pursuit of more equitable outcomes in society for people of diverse sexes, sexualities and genders.

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