What Happens After You Get Your PhD? Planning your Next Steps

Research Seminar Series

Dr. Shasha Wang : Resilience – A discussion based on my academic experiences and observations

Dr Shasha Wang is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations at the QUT Business School. Prior to joining QUT, Dr Wang was a marketing lecturer at the Business School, University of Western Australia. She also worked in the automobile industry before her PhD. She is an active and passionate researcher in empowering consumers who experience vulnerability. Dr Wang has published articles in Psychology and Marketing, the Journal of Marketing Management, the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Higher Education, and others.

Dr Shasha Wang will share her PhD, post-PhD and job application experiences with suggestions. Based on her own experiences and observations, she will also discuss personal and academic resilience.

Date: Friday 31 March 2023

Time: 1pm

Location: Online via Zoom (you will receive the Zoom link after registering)


Dr. Thuy Pham: PhD submission, publications and the job application process

Dr Thuy Pham is a Lecturer in Marketing (Academic Level B) at the University of Queensland. Her research investigates consumer motivations on digital platforms using unstructured (big) data analysis. She was awarded a PhD in Marketing from QUT and worked as a Research Fellow at CSIRO. Her work has been published in the Journal of Consumer PsychologyPsychology & Marketing, and others.

Thuy will share her experience with PhD submission, publications, and the job application process.

Date: Thursday 6 April 2023

Time: 1pm

Location: Online via Zoom (you will receive the Zoom link after registering)


Dr. Husain Salilul Akareem: Experiences as a PhD graduate who has had success in the job market and with publications.

Dr Husain Salilul Akareem is an Assistant Professor of Digital Marketing at DCU Business School, Dublin City University, Ireland, with teaching, research, and partnership experience across three continents. He worked at various universities, including the International University of Japan, North South University, University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, and BRAC University before joining DCU. His research focuses on consumer/customer engagement, social media marketing, and value co-creation in service marketing and subsistence market contexts. Dr Akareem’s research includes mapping cultural contexts worldwide to understand the diversity of service consumption and facilitate future strategy. His research projects were published in top-tier journals such as the International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management, and Journal of Services Marketing. Dr Akareem is interested in collaborating with researchers specializing consumer psychology in the contexts of social media marketing, healthcare information systems, application of technology, and image/media analytics in the future.

By attending this talk, you will gain valuable insights into the PhD submission and publication process, as well as the job application process. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and learn from my experience. Whether you are just starting your PhD or have just submitted it, this talk will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to succeed in your career. I hope you will join me and take the next step towards achieving your career goals.

Date: Friday 14 April 2023

Time: 9am

Location: Online via Zoom (you will receive the Zoom link after registering)



Location: Via Zoom
Start Date: 31/03/2023 [add to calendar]
End Date: 14/04/2023