Tools and Practices for Theory Development

This is an exciting opportunity for students who are interested in writing conceptual articles, or who are working on empirical research.

There is one thing that most academic articles and theses have in common: they aim to make a compelling theoretical contribution. However, in practice, developing and communicating one’s theoretical contribution is not so easy as it requires learning a craft that is seldom explicitly explained during the PhD program.

This workshop offers tools and other useful resources for the theory development process. We will discuss the meaning of theory and theory development and offer templates for the theorization process, and guidance for compelling framing and communication of theoretical contributions for higher impact.

About The Speakers:

Dr. Elina Jaakkola

Dr. Elina Jaakkola is Professor of Marketing at Turku School of Economics, University of Turku, Finland. She specializes in service research and her current projects focus on topics such as customer experience and journeys, customer/actor engagement, and value driven business. Her research has been published e.g. in Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Service Research, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Business Research, and Journal of Service Management. She is an Associate Editor for Journal of Service Research and Industrial Marketing Management and serves in the Editorial Review Board of seven prominent journals. She has won a number of international awards for her scholarly activities and was named to the Clarivateʻs Highly Cited Researchers 2021 and 2022 lists in the business and economics discipline, demonstrating exceptional research impact.

Dr. Kaisa Koskela-Huotari

Dr. Kaisa Koskela-Huotari is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Marketing and Strategy of Stockholm School of Economics. Kaisa’s research interests lie at the intersection of service-dominant logic, institutional theory, and systems thinking. She uses these perspectives in her often conceptual work to learn more about change in social systems and inform the understandings of innovation, service design and market evolution. Her articles have been published in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Service Research, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Service Management, Journal of Strategic Marketing among others. Kaisa was part of the editorial team of The SAGE Handbook on Service-dominant Logic and she currently serves as the Assistant Editor of the AMS Review, the only marketing journal that focuses exclusively on conceptual(-only) articles.


Location: Via Zoom
Start Date: 26/06/2023 [add to calendar]
Start Time: 5:00pm
End Date: 26/06/2023
End Time: 9:00pm