How to reverse-engineer a journal article

Reverse-engineering is the process of discovering the technological principles of a device, object, or system through analysis of its structure, function and operation. When applied to journal articles, thesis or even a grant application, this means identifying the style and form of the manuscript in such a way that the style and form can be used to inform the design of your own article. On October 18th, Prof. Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Co-Director of the Centre of Behavioural Economics, Society and Technology held a presentation to discuss the steps to reverse-engineering a journal article. Rebekah is the senior co-editor of the Journal of Services Marketing (Q1/A ranked) with over 250 peer-reviewed journals and conference papers.

Presentation Recording:

How to Reverse-Engineer a Journal Article | Prof. Rebekah Russell-Bennett

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About Our Speaker:

Prof. Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Co-Director, BEST Centre

Rebekah is a professor in marketing and co-director of the Centre for Behavioural Economics, Society and Technology (BEST). She has an international reputation for research and industry relevance in the field of Social Marketing (using commercial marketing to address social problems such as alcohol consumption,  chronic disease, water usage, electricity use, public transport and diet).  Rebekah uses theories and frameworks from services marketing and social marketing to co-create innovative services and products that support people in their life, protect the planet and enable organisational success. Rebekah has attracted more than $20m in funding from the ARC, industry and government organisations which is evidence of the high impact of her research. She has supervised 43 research students to completion and is known internationally for her active mentorship of students through the creation of opportunities. Rebekah is a sought after keynote speaker due to her humour and ability to communicate scholarly evidence in a plain-English practical manner. For an example presentation see Rebekah present a project on empowering mature women to secure housing. Rebekah’s recent successes are receiving the 2021 Robert Johnston award for the best paper in the Journal of Service Management (the number 1 service journal) and co-leading the successful bid for a $6.5m ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre on Behavioural Insights for Technology Adoption (BITA) – the first ARC ITTC in Australia from the social sciences/business fields. Rebekah is immediate past National President of the Australian Association of Social Marketing (the peak industry body for social marketing in Australia).


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