Researching Visually: Using Miro to bring structure to ambiguity in the research process

It is easy to feel overwhelmed throughout the research process. From literature review, research design, and collaborative projects, we constantly seek to create structure in ambiguous processes.

This interactive session introduced Miro as an online visual knowledge management tool, enabling collaboration via embedded design thinking techniques. Miro incorporates best practice from the world of innovation and human centred design, with an array of capabilities from ideation and brainstorming, to strategy and planning. This introductory session co-hosted by the BEST Centre, Centre for Digital Economy and the School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations taught us more about Miro and how it can be used in research, planning or industry projects and collaborations.

To view the Miro board from the session, click HERE. To view the event presentation slides, Click HERE.

Presentation Recordings

Part 1: How to use Miro

Part 2: How to use Miro for literature and research

About Our Speakers

Chelsea Phillips

Chelsea Phillips is a PhD student in the BEST Centre and School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations, exploring the role of frontline employees in social robot service environments. With a background in interactive and visual design, Chelsea leverages design thinking, innovation frameworks, and human centred design practices in strategy design (formerly as a Business Designer at Business Models Inc), her own research, and in research projects across various Centres in QUT, inclusive of the BEST Centre, the QUT Centre for Digital Economy, and the Centre for Future Enterprise. In 2019, Chelsea was awarded the Su Mon Wong Excellence in Marketing Scholarship. Chelsea is also the inaugural student in the double PhD program between QUT and Maastricht U.

Alexandra Zimbatu

Alexandra Zimbatu is a Master of Philosophy student in the School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations, with a focus on Transformative Experiences in the context of education. She is passionate about tackling ‘wicked problems’ via human centred design, having led several innovation sprints across both industry and non-profit sectors. Having worked as an Analyst in the Innovation and Partnerships space, Alexandra is familiar with Agile methodologies and customer-centric practices. She relies upon Miro as a customer journey mapping tool, leveraging its collaboration functionalities for stakeholder engagement and as a mechanism to visually communicate the complexities of service ecosystems.


Location: Online (via Zoom)
Start Date: 16/06/2021 [add to calendar]
Start Time: 2pm
End Time: 3.30pm
Cost: FREE