“He’s too much of a man to do that” – A Seminar on the latest Men's Health Research

Why do many older men avoid using free preventative health services? This research examined men’s avoidance of bowel cancer screening kits and found that for some men, exercising positive preventative health behaviours challenges a man’s sense of masculinity making them feel ‘less like a man’, less able to be head of their family and weak. The research identified the specific types of men that reject or accept free health services and the types of actions they take to destroy the benefits of the service. Effective managerial solutions are provided in light of these findings.

This research has received a Best Conference Paper Award at the American Marketing Association’s SERVSiG 2018 conference in Paris, and has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Service Theory and Practice. In July, Jacquie will present findings at the Frontiers in Service 2019 conference in Singapore.



Speaker Bio: Jacquie is a PhD student at the School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations and has a background in the practice of social marketing. Prior to undertaking higher degree research, she has delivered social marketing campaigns for the Queensland Government for over 10 years. She became interested in men’s preventative health behaviours and the effect on well-being while developing a bowel cancer screening social marketing campaign for Queensland Health. This interest motivated her to complete a Research Masters (Business) in 2018 on the topic, examining the role of masculine identities in mature men’s preventative health behaviours and the implications for social marketing practice. Jacquie is now embarking on a PhD, extending her research to include younger men to build an evidence base about men’s reluctance to access preventative health services and to co-design effective participation strategies with men.


Location: QUT Gardens Point Campus, Room Z1004, Z Block, Level 10
Start Date: 08/08/2019 [add to calendar]
Start Time: 9.30am
End Date: 08/08/2019
End Time: 11.00am
RSVP By: Tuesday 6th of August 2019
Cost: No Charge - Sponsored by BEST Centre
Organiser: BEST Centre and School of AMPR
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