Where the environment meets behavioural economics – progressing interdisciplinary innovation research

The intersection of Behavioural Economics with the Agriculture and the Bioeconomy fields presents significant and promising research opportunities, and we warmly welcome you to be part of the conversation to progress this innovative research agenda.

The Centre for Behavioural Economics, Society and Technology (BEST) is hosting a joint workshop with the Centre for Agriculture and the Bioeconomy (CAB) on October 21st 2022, from 9am-1pm (AEST).

As shared on the Centre for Agriculture and the Bioeconomy’s website, finding ways to support and grow Australia’s agricultural sector, maintain global food security, and efficiently transform agricultural residues into high-value products is vitally important as environmental and economic conditions change.

The need to collaborate across our disciplines will be vital as we approach an innovation agenda that seeks to understand what needs to change in our environment and agricultural sectors, how these changes are achieved, and how we understand the behaviour of our communities in adopting the changes needed to encourage our world to take a more sustainable path.

This workshop will showcase a range of presentations from CAB members and BEST members to highlight the research intersections between our Centres.

The event will include 4 presentations from BEST academics, 3 presentations from CAB academics and 1 industry presentation. Lunch will also be served afterwards.

The agenda for the event will be published HERE in the coming days.

Presentation Recordings:

BEST & CAB Workshop | Opening and Welcome | Prof. Uwe Dulleck

BEST & CAB Workshop | BEST & CAB Ag Innovation – E & BE | Prof. Uwe Dulleck

BEST & CAB Workshop | Encouraging Water Compliance Project | Dr Stephen Whyte

BEST & CAB Workshop | Carbon Credits & Tech for Ag Sustainability | Assoc. Prof. Viet-Ngu Hoang

BEST & CAB Workshop | Environmental performance metrics for ag sector | Dr Marguerite Renouf

BEST & CAB Workshop | Transient Protein Production in the Plant Nicotiana Benthamiana | Dr Zach LeBlanc

BEST & CAB Workshop | Innovation Management: QDAF – FFW CRC Projects Lessons Learned | Dr Val Natanelov

BEST & CAB Workshop | Wine Australia for Australian Wine | Alex Sas


Location: QUT Gardens Point Campus, Tim Fairfax Room, U-214, U-block, Level 2 | Online: https://qut.zoom.us/j/84127000441?pwd=dVdiMy9DSHFlU1Y5RmhVQ1gzcGxwZz09 | Password: 874887 | Meeting ID: 841 2700 0441
Start Date: 21/10/2022 [add to calendar]
Start Time: 9am (AEST)
End Date: 21/10/2022
End Time: 1pm (AEST)
Cost: FREE
Organiser: BEST Centre, Centre for Agriculture and the Bioeconomy
Enquiries: best@qut.edu.au