Broadening Culture

Professor Adam Cohen, Arizona State University

For decades, culture in psychology has been virtually synonymous with ethnicity and nationality.  While many advances have been made, a full understanding of culture requires expanding our focus to other forms of culture, including social class, region of origin, religion, profession, gender, political culture, and many others. The proposed work will broaden our understanding of culture via a rigorous, multi-method set of studies, including focus groups, quantitative surveys, and a longitudinal study using ecological momentary assessment techniques, with which we will predict successful adaptation.

Speaker bio: Professor Adam Cohen, Arizona State University

Adam’s main research interests fuse cultural, social, and personality psychology. He is interested in how religious differences function as cultural differences, affecting domains including religious identity and motivation, well-being, moral judgment, forgiveness, and the like. Cohen is also interested in applying evolutionary theory to religion. He is associate editor of Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. He has had grant funding from the Notre Dame Science of Generosity program, the Templeton Foundation, NSF, DARPA, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and the Army Research Institute.


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