Organising Committee, Scientific Committee and Sponsors

AGEW2020 Organising Committee:

  • Dr Tina Rampino (Chair) (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre for the Business and Economics of Health, University of Queensland; WEN Queensland Committee)
  • Dr Stephen Whyte (Postdoctoral Research Fellow; Queensland University of Technology)
  • Dr Rigissa Megalokonomou (Lecturer, University of Queensland; WEN Queensland Committee)
  • Professor Alicia Rambaldi (University of Queensland)
  • Dr Suzanne Bonner (Lecturer, Griffith University)
  • Shyama Ratnasiri (Senior Lecturer, Griffith University)


AGEW2020 Scientific Committee:

  • Paul Blacklow (University of Tasmania)
  • Alison Booth (Australian National University)
  • Louisa Coglan (QUT)
  • Diana  Contreras Suarez  (University of Melbourne)
  • Hayley Fisher (University of Sydney)
  • Brenda Gannon (University of Queensland)
  • Pauline Grosjean (University of New South Wales)
  • John Haisken-DeNew (University of Melbourne)
  • Maneka  Jayasinghe (Charles Darwin University)
  • Michael Jetter (University of Western Australia)
  • Jan Kabatek (University of Melbourne)
  • Guyonne  Kalb (University of Melbourne)
  • Sonja Kassenboehmer (Monash University)
  • Parvinder  Kler (Griffith University)
  • Andreas  Leibbrandt (Griffith University)
  • Maria Racionero (Australian National University)
  • Mala Raghavan (University of Tasmania)
  • Anu Rammohan (University of Western Australia)
  • David Ribar (University of Melbourne)
  • Marian Vidal-Fernandez (University of Sydney)
  • Jenny Williams (University of Melbourne)
  • Duygu Yengin (University of Adelaide)
  • Giulio Zanella (University of Adelaide)


Administrative Support:

  • Anita Nugent
  • Sarah Brischetto


Student Volunteers:

[Coming Soon]



  • School of Economics and Finance (QUT – Host Institution)
  • BEST Centre (QUT)
  • Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics (Griffith University)
  • School of Economics (University of Queensland)
  • ESA Queensland