A Conceptualisation and Measure of Service System Well-being (SSW)

Collective creation of a positive impact to reduce inequalities and consumer vulnerability across service sectors is an emerging transformative service research priority and strategic UN sustainable development goal. Improving the well-being of a service system equips individuals within a collective and can alleviate pressing economic and societal challenges.

This research presents a concept of collective well-being in the form of service system well-being (SSW) and a comprehensive multi-dimensional scale to operationalise micro, meso and macro levels of a service system to measure collective well-being. Increasing understanding of the SSW concept and utility of the scale can support transformative outcomes for individuals, organisations, and service systems at large.

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About Our Speakers

Dr Cheryl Leo (Murdoch University)

Dr Cheryl Leo is a Senior Marketing Lecturer at Murdoch University. Her research spans across services marketing and social marketing on topics that includes consumer and employee well-being, service systems, and digital social interactions. Cheryl has published in journals that include Journal of Business Research, Journal of Service Management, Journal of Services Marketing, and Australian Journal of Public Health. Cheryl serves as President of the Australian Association of Social Marketing (AASM). She is involved in social change projects that includes antimicrobial resistance awareness and consumer value within supporting services.


Dr Gauri Laud (University of Tasmania)

Dr Laud is a Senior Lecturer in Services Marketing and Associate Head Learning and Teaching at the University of Tasmania, College of Business and Economics. Her research contributes to areas of transformative service research, value co-creation processes in service ecosystems and consumer and community well-being. Gauri has published in several high-quality marketing journal such as Marketing Theory, Journal of Services Marketing, Journal of Service Management and Journal of Service Theory and Practice.


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