2022 ESA Winter School

2022 ESA Winter School 18 – 20 July – Registrations Open Now!

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We warmly invite you to attend the 2022 ESA Winter School, to be held at the Mercure Gold Coast on 18th – 20th July 2022. The 2022 event will be a two day workshop on ‘Neuro and Behavioural Finance; facilitated by Prof. Bossaerts and will start at 10am on the 18th July, and conclude the morning of Wed 20th July.

This workshop will provide attendees with an exclusive opportunity to traverse the latest theory and practice in neuro and behavioural finance and is a must attend for researchers and practitioners in the field.

Registrations & Accommodation:

To register please click on the following link: https://qsurvey.qut.edu.au/jfe/form/SV_bfwfExgDYf8yX8W

The prices for registration are:

  • HDR student – $350.00
  • ESA Member – $450.00
  • Non-ESA Member – $550.00

Registration covers all meals and twin share accommodation for two nights.

If you have already registered your attendance and have not yet finalised payment, please visit the payment portal directly HERE: https://pay.qut.edu.au/2022ESAWinterSchool. Please note that your registration is not confirmed until we have received payment confirmation.

This year’s event has a maximum of 30 attendees and is on a first come first served basis. Secure your place at this workshop now.


A workshop on neuro and behavioural finance

Planned Lectures:

The lectures below will be facilitate by Prof. Bossaerts:

  • Theory and behavioural evidence: Choice “as if” value is maximized; learning “as if” Bayesian
  • Neuroeconomics and decision neuroscience: Value neural signals, why and when we take time to choose, prediction errors signals, neural modulation of updating speed, and the role of emotions
  • Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI): inspired by and inspiring neuroscience
  • The predictive brain and active inference: Putting central control of uncertainty rather than reward maximization
  • Computational complexity: a fundamentally different yet ubiquitous source of uncertainty
  • Markets as a way to resolve computational complexity

Event Program:

The event program for the 2022 ESA Winter School can be found HERE.


Professor Peter L. Bossaerts

Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor and Professor of Experimental Finance and Decision Neuroscience, Department of Finance, University of Melbourne
Leverhulme International Professor of Neuroeconomics, Faculty of Economics, Cambridge University

Peter Bossaerts is Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor at the University of Melbourne (till 9/22) and Leverhulme International Professor of Neuroeconomics at Cambridge University (from 10/22). He pioneered the use of controlled experimentation (with human participants) in the study of financial markets. He also pioneered the use of decision and game theory in cognitive neuroscience, thereby helping establish the novel fields of neuroeconomics, decision neuroscience and computational neuropsychiatry. Recently, he has started to use computer science to study human and market behavior when uncertainty emerges because of complexity. Bossaerts graduated with a PhD from UCLA and spent most of his career at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Bossaerts is elected Fellow of the Econometric Society, the Society for The Advancement of Economic Theory, and the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia.