BEST Conference 2022 Session Presentations

BEST Conference 2022 Session Presentations

  1. Alexandra Zimbatu
  2. Benno Torgler
  3. Chelsea Phillips
  4. Christopher Boulis
  5. Ho Fai Chan
  6. Imke Lammers
  7. Ivan Aranzales
  8. Jessica Castles
  9. Kate Letheren
  10. Kevin Chadwick
  11. Laura Peachy-Burgess
  12. Lucas Whittaker
  13. Mark Steins
  14. Martin Brumpton
  15. Matthew Rimmer
  16. Megan Godwin
  17. Ozan Isler
  18. Saloni Patel
  19. Shamsunnahar Yasmin
  20. Stephen Whyte
  21. Steve Bickley
  22. Tong Li
  23. Tony Beatton

Alexandra Zimbatu – Designing for self-discovery: Towards a framework for the design of transformative experiences and reinventive rituals in higher education

Benno Torgler – Science after Communism: Peers and Productivity in East German Science

Chelsea Phillips – When frontline employees decide to work alongside service robots: a wellbeing and performance approach

Christopher Boulis – The effects of religion on household financial behaviour

Ho Fai Chan – Deviations from rationality in the sciences: Evidence from the COVID-19-Scientist Survey

Imke Lammers – What can behavioural economics tell us about decision-making in financial distress?

Ivan Aranzales – Knowledge Loss in the Publication Process

Jessica Castles – Marketing communications and consumer-decision making in innovation: a cosmetic biomedical perspective

Kate Letheren – To trust or not to trust? Getting the balance right with service technologies

Kevin Chadwick – Do households maximise solar self-consumption in the absence of financial incentives?

Laura Peachy-Burgess – Fruitful Engagement: Framing the Value of Imperfect Produce

Lucas Whittaker – Redefining and exploring deepfakes, their value outcomes, and psychological mechanisms through a multidisciplinary systematic literature review

Mark Steins – Human-Robot encounters in hotels: exploring motivational drivers underlying the impact of service robots on the overall service experience

Martin Brumpton – Mate choice and search behavior in two online dating experiments

Matthew Rimmer – Australia’s Framework for Access to Essential Medicines: Patent Law, Public Health, and Pandemics

Matthew Rimmer – The Avengers for a Tobacco Endgame: Strategies for a Smokefree Future in Australia

Megan Godwin – Sweet dreams (are made of these): The utility of Australian women’s sleep

Ozan Isler – How to activate intuitive and reflective thinking in behavior research? A comprehensive examination of experimental techniques

Saloni Patel – Sex, fraud and corruption: can we really change the behavior of politicians?

Shamsunnahar Yasmin – A Bayesian Simultaneous Random-Parameters Model for Motorcyclist Injury Severity and Fault Status analysis

Stephen Whyte – What can Behavioural Economics tell us about human mating behaviour

Steve Bickley – The (In)Equalities of Human Mobility for Work and Play

Tong Li – How does people’s social attachment influence their investment decision? Using empathy to explain availability bias

Tony Beatton – Age of Starting School, Academic Performance, and the Impact of non-compliance: An experiment within an experiment, evidence from Australia

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