BEST Conference 2021 Session Presentations

BEST Conference 2021 Session Presentations

Chelsea Phillips – Just Walk Out? Exploring the Challenges of Ambient Intelligence for Customer Experience, Effort and Memorability

Ella Hugo – Two sides of the same coin or two different coins? Exploring the duality of corruption in Latin America

Helen Bocking – Emotional, cognitive and behavioural engagement using digital health tools

Imke Lammers – A behavioural economics perspective on personal insolvency: public records and entrepreneurship

Jacqui McGraw – Millennial machismo to Boomer bravado: unmasking masculinity in Australian men’s health service use

Jinglan Zhang – Environmental monitoring to support decision making for biodiversity conservation

Jo Maartens – Publication bias and start up success

Justin Case – Modelling Investor Irrationality in Financial Markets using Artificial Neural Networks

Laura Peachey-Burgess – Fruitful Engagement: Framing the Value of Sub-Optimal Produce

Karike Ashworth & Caroline Austin – The Pandemic Is a Portal: Participatory Art as a Means to Explore Neoliberal Capitalism During COVID-19

Lucas Whittaker – Deepfakes: a state of play and interactions with behavioural biases and value

Megan Godwin – Coping with COVID: Australian women’s coping responses during the COVID-19 pandemic

Ozan Isler – Religion, Parochialism and Intuitive Cooperation

Ritesh Jain – Enhancing recycling intentions through brand spokescharacters

Sam Ong – Increasing biomedical crowdfunding success: Investor biases and customer value

Steve Bickley – Turbulence in the financial markets: Responding to COVID-19 pandemic policies

Terry Flew – Does trust influence news consumption decisions?

Steve Whyte – Knowledge, consultation time and choice in breast reconstruction

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