BEST Cinematics Nights

The BEST Cinematics Night was organised by Benno Torgler, Ho Fai Chan and Naomi Moy in 2017 to provide a natural balance to the Mammoth Reading Group. These movie nights are now in their 5th year and have provided a great opportunity for students and researchers to connect on a more informal basis to discuss cinema and its themes, stories and lore. This event has also proven to be a great opportunity to see how ideas, research and science have impacted global cinema and analyse the parallels drawn between the stories and current events.

The movies chosen have been curated by Benno, who believes that, “from its beginning until the present time, films have had an immediate and wide appeal re-creating time and place like no other enterprise (with the exception of a time machine…).” The BEST Centre hopes to use to this webpage to chronicle the Cinematics Nights past, present and future and we look forward to seeing interest in this initiative grow!