ANU & BEST PhD student to present at Energy Networks 2021 Conference

ANU & BEST PhD student, Kevin Chadwick, has recently had an abstract accepted for presentation at the ‘Energy Networks 2021 Conference + Exhibition’ – a major conference held biannually in Australia. This pre-eminent event for the energy network sector brings together industry experts to share their knowledge and provide a chance for key stakeholders and partners to discuss the transformation of our 20th-century grid, so it can deliver energy and provide services and value the way consumers of the 21st-century demand.

Kevin is primarily based at ANU, however BEST Centre Directors Professor Uwe Dulleck and Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett are on his supervisory panel, as his research combines insights and methods from social marketing and behavioural economics research to explore household energy decisions. Kevin states that his PhD research, “has a particular focus on the social acceptance of the very different role households are expected to play in the near-future energy market.”

In Feb 2019, Kevin struck a research collaboration agreement between ANU and an energy company to evaluate a rooftop solar and battery subsidy program. A condition of the program is that the energy company can control these systems and other major appliances to support the operation of the electricity system. Kevin will interview households about their experiences with this innovative energy technology, which is considered essential for a successful and equitable transition to 100% renewable energy.

At the conference in March 2021, Kevin’s states his presentation “will combine research findings from his interviews and the results of an experimental survey exploring how different framings of the role consumers will play and the design of contractual and regulatory arrangements affect the social acceptance of energy providers controlling household energy use to support the electricity system.”

BEST are extremely proud of Kevin’s achievements thus far and are looking forward to hearing the discussions and outcomes from the Energy Networks 2021 Conference.

To learn more about Kevin and his research, please visit his BEST profile here: