An Australian top researcher! D/Prof Dietmar W. Hutmacher listed as a Lifetime Achiever

The Australian’s Research 2020 magazine was recently released, naming Australia’s top researchers in 255 individual fields of research. The individuals highlighted are chosen using data analytics based on where individual researchers publish and how many citations they have – allowing those listed to be objectively selected.

One of the many achievements noted in this publication is the ‘Lifetime Achievers Leaderboard’, which lists the five top researchers from Australian universities and research institutions in each of the eight major discipline areas. The special report states, “to identify the five top researchers in each area an annualised H-index for each of them is calculated. The H-index, named for physicist Jorge Hirsch who suggested it in 2005, is defined at the highest number H such that a given researcher has published H papers which have been cited H times. It measures both productivity and impact. For example, if a researcher has published 50 papers each with at least 50 citations, but has not managed to go one better and publish 51 papers each with at least 51 citations, then their H-index is 50. The H-index is then divided by the number of years that a researcher has been active (since their first citation) to obtain an annualised figure.”

Distinguished Professor Dietmar W. Hutmacher who leads the Healthcare Innovation and Changing Behaviours program at the QUT Centre for Behavioural Economics, Society and Technology (BEST), was listed in this publication among the top 40 Australian researchers and was highlighted in the top 5 researchers in the fields of Engineering and Computer Sciences. Dietmar’s research and expertise is in biomaterials, biomechanics, medical devices and tissue engineering. He is one of the few academics to take a holistic bone engineering concept to clinical application. More than 400 patients have been treated with the FDA-approved bone engineering scaffolds developed by D/Prof Hutmacher’s Singapore-based interdisciplinary research group. Over the last 4 years, Professor Hutmacher has developed an international track record in adult stem cell research related to regenerative medicine.

With BEST, Dietmar works to expand knowledge surrounding the adoption of new healthcare procedures, and novel medical tools, techniques and treatments with the potential to improve the health of our society. His program, led alongside Dr Laura Bray, provides researchers, clinicians and policymakers with the information and understanding necessary to design targeted behavioural interventions for the introduction of innovative medical technologies and healthcare protocols. To learn more about Dietmar and his research, click HERE.

The Australian’s Research 2020 magazine also names the Australian university, or other research institution, which leads in each field of research. This choice is determined based on which university or institution has the most citations in the top 20 journals in their field in the last five years. BEST would like to congratulate QUT and the QUT Business School on being listed as the lead institution in Australia in the field of Economic Policy.

The full special report which lists Australia’s top researchers and institutions can be read HERE.