About the BEST Justice Seed-Funding Initiative

BEST Justice Seed-Funding Initiative for ECRs and MCRs

The purpose of the BEST Justice Seed-Funding Initiative is to create new research partnerships for early career researchers (ECRs) and mid-career researchers (MCRs) on topics of relevance to the BEST Centre and QUT Centre for Justice that lead to publications and future funding proposals.

What we hope to achieve

  • New collaborative relationships between members of the two lead Centres on real-world topics that can be the basis of future funded projects.
  • The generation of new data that leads to a journal submission.
  • Active sponsorship between senior and junior/mid-career members of the Centres.

The Initiative

This initiative seeks to provide seed funding of up to $10k per project for ECRs and MCRs of the Centres to undertake innovative research projects that promote research skill development and enable the generation of new preliminary data to support tangible research outputs aligned to the Centres’ objectives. It is expected that the data generated from this scheme will result in publications and a research grant or fellowship application to a funding body within 18 months.

Each year, the initiative will commence with a half-day event that brings together ECR and MCR members from both Centres who have an interest in behavioural AND justice topics. Members will form teams and design a pitch for a project to receive seed funding. Each team will pitch their project idea at the workshop and the winners will be selected at the end of the workshop. Teams will then develop a three-page proposal to be submitted two weeks later for approval. In addition, pitch winners will also be published on this webpage.

About BEST & QUT Centre for Justice

About BEST:

The BEST Centre mission is to understand how human behaviour and public policy can be influenced by behavioural economics and social marketing to benefit the health of our society, sustain our environment for future generations and safeguard our economy in the digital age.

About QUT Centre for Justice:

QUT Centre for Justice is a think tank for social justice that aims to empower and enable citizens, consumers and communities through solutions-oriented research. Our vision is to democratise justice by improving opportunities for health and well-being and enhancing the inclusiveness of work and education while widening access to justice.

Our Programs are: –